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Worried About Your Aging Parents In These Crazy Times – The Nadura Clinic

These are strange times for us all, but even more worrisome for our aging patents. These people who came through harder times than us and, now find themselves back in more dark days in recent times due to our current global pandemic.

This blog post was driven by a large influx of incoming queries from family’s asking two simple questions

Hopefully we can soon get back to taking these type of images
  • Can you virtually see my parents and ensure they are doing all they can for their health and immunity?
  • There is no way I’d get my parents on zoom but I am willing to do an appointment so I can directly help them and so Im aware of what they actually need to be doing

Our team at The Nadura Clinic now find more and more appointments from family members looking for advise for their middle aged and elderly loved ones.

With age comes a natural progression of decline with specific bodily processes. One area that slows down once we pass the age of 55 is our digestive function. Digestion is not only linked to absorption and what we utilise for muscle building & maintenance ( preventing sarcopenia- muscle wastage common the aging population) up to 80% of our immune system lies within our gut, therefore digestive dysfunction can indirectly impact the our immune system and ability to fight off infections be it colds or flus etc.

An extremely important factor with the aging brain is also B12 levels and ensuring these are maintained. B12 is involved heavily with the nervous system and low levels are linked to cognitive decline. B12 is solely dependant on adequate stomach acid production that again we know begins a natural decline once we hit our 50’s. Addressing & optimising these factors in the ageing population can have a profound effect on immunity, cognitive function (memory) and energy production. 

Addressing what is know as the innate immune is vital for all ages be it old or young as this protects us against bacteria and viruses. During these particular times people are asking more about how they too can support their immune system as best they can and the good news is there are many ways how we can achieve this. If we want to strengthen our immune system and our defences against these pathogens we need to supply our body with the specific vitamins/minerals to do just this.

We generally hear how ‘important’ vitamins and minerals are but rarely do the general population actually understand how this works. Vitamin D for example is vital for an adequate immune response and also balances both sides of the immune system, those of use living in the northern hemisphere in particular are at high risk of deficiency particularly during these winter months and thankfully scientists are continuously publishing appears on the importance of vitamins D particularly at this time as it reduces the severity of covid infections. Zinc is another very important factor to fuel white blood blood cells and also to inhibit viral replication so this is another key component to support.

A number of recent appears published and pointing towards the health of the gut being a factor with covid severity, again this is an area that we are always passionate about as the health of the gut is linked to not just digestion but also inflammation, immunity and also auto immunity. So the key message to those who are fearful of covid and any infections, the simple logical action to take is prevention and bolstering your immune system and taking back control of your overall health.  

Some of the question’s/queries we have been getting?

  • I want to give my parents (said supplement) but i’m unsure if there are any contraindications with their current medications.
  • Whats can I give my parents to support their immune system.
  • I keep reading about the gut and the immune system and my mom has a terrible digestive tract, does this mean she has poor immunity?
  • Even though my parents are really healthy I feel they are both extremely stressed through COVID. What can I do to help?
  • I want to book an appointment for my parents just so they know we are thinking about them, is this something you do

Book an appointment for/or attend virtually on behalf of your parents at The Nadura Clinic

If you are worried or would like to go through how you can help support your parents please dont hesitate to call the clinic to discuss with one of our qualified nutritionists and we will be happy to talk to you and book an appointment

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