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Weight Management

At The Nadura Clinic we do not promote fad diets. We believe it is better to educate people of the role of fad diets, their impact and how in the majority of cases you are wasting your time, money and resources.

Fad diets usually involve cutting our calories quite drastically and, in some cases, increasing our activity and exercise. Inevitably causing an issue where your metabolism comes to a standstill. You may drop a few pounds initially but then you plateau, feel annoyed, angry, hungry, and tired so inevitable you revert back to old habits This isn’t by chance believe it or not, the reason we can overeat after a period of starving the body is to increase the amount of serotonin that we produce, this in turn makes us feel good.

If we are limiting the raw materials to make this chemical such as amino acids from our protein and our fat intake which usually takes a nosedive in fad diets, we are limiting the production and therefore feeling flat, low and down, along with hungry and tired. Your body will want to replenish itself and will crave what it needs to create balance or equilibrium, you begin to crave what you have removed, and the cycle goes on and on.

The Bigger Picture

At The Nadura Clinic we don’t have a specific ‘weight loss’ programme, we look at the bigger picture – Why are you not losing weight? Do you need support and education? Have you a thyroid issue that is making it really difficult to lose weight despite all efforts? Have you an oestrogen metabolism issue where your weight appears to be concentrated to your hips and thighs (both female & male)? Are you stressed and carrying your weight across your stomach?

There is no one solution fits all.  At The Nadura Clinic we work with you in identifying the key issues, rectifying and building a better core health that isn’t just about ‘weight’ but now about your overall health. Unless you are making very unhealthy food choices and quantities, then weight is simply a consequence of another pathway that is not optimal, a symptom rather that a primary cause.

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