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Walsh Research Institute Bloods Profile

Walsh Research Institute Bloods Profile

The Nadura Clinic has been offering the Walsh Research Institute Bloods Profile for over a decade, having trained with Dr. William Walsh of the renowned Walsh Research Institute on multiple occasions. This profile serves as the foundation for our mental health program F.E.B.S which is specifically designed for clients struggling with anxiety, depression, and postnatal depression.

Mental health symptoms can stem from a variety of imbalances, such as psychological, social, gastrointestinal, genetic and inflammatory imbalances. However, in many cases, a significant biochemical imbalance can profoundly impact brain chemistry.

Our investigation into the primary causes of biochemical issues focuses on molecules such as zinc, copper, methylation, and pyrroles. When these molecules are not in synergy, which is often an inherited trait, they can directly affect our thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors. If you have ever wondered about the root of familial mental health issues, these biochemical imbalances are often the leading cause.

The Nadura FEBS profile includes:

An individualized comprehensive program designed specifically for your biochemical & dietary needs is then formulated based your blood results, optimizing your brain chemistry and mental health.