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The Winner Of Our €4000 at The Nadura Clinic prize “Rhiannon Dunlop” UK

Welcome to both The Nadura & Roche Injury clinic’s, our winner “Rhiannon Dunlop” who won our fantastic prize worth €4000.

The prize consisted of 12 months

  • Sports performance nutrition from our leading clinic
  • Physiotherapy from the award-winning Roche Injury Clinic
  • Functional & Injury Prevention Screen
  • Elite recovery
  • Functional testing including athlete DNA functional diagnostics analysis of the GI tract in the form of GI map the gold standard in digestive investigation
  • She will be supported for the next 12 months under the Nadura Clinic app
  • Dual monthly IPRs (Individualised Performance Reviews) with both clinic s

And, much, much more

Rhiannon will receive the gold standard in digestive analysis at The Nadura Clinic

Rhiannon is a trainee doctor in clinical psychology and a Saysky athlete in the UK.

Rhiannon has 2.14 for 800 meters 4.35 for 1500 36.37 for 10K and we look forward to working with her to improve these numbers.

Her main goals are: Say’s Rhiannon 

·Consistently train and progress without interruptions

·To fulfil my potential on the track, road and cross country which I feel has not yet been reached due to limiting factors.

·Ultimately, I would like to gain the British Athletics Championships qualifying standard on the track and improve my personal best times on both the track and road.

Rhiannon will also receive a full athlete DNA analysis from a leading London lab at The Nadura Clinic

Limiting Factors:

·Consistently fuelling my body to adequately meet the needs and demands of my training.

·Recovering correctly following intense training sessions and blocks.

·An injury pattern that seems to be an injury developing every 3-6 months following a period of consistent training.

Opening Our Doors

On behalf of the Nadura Clinic and Roche Injury Clinic we welcome Rhiannon to our protocol’s, and we look forward to working with her and opening our doors to you and sharing some of her performance gains over the next 12 months.

The Nadura Clinic