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The Nadura Clinic Launch A Cutting Edge On-line Platform Dedicated To Sports Performance Nutrition “Athlete Nutrition Coach” | A Nadura Company.

Regulars to our functional sports performance clinic will know that we have been inundated in the clinic and have been operating a waiting list for this programme for quite some time now. We at The Nadura Clinic are excited to announce that over the past twelve months, along with our professional collaborators we have successfully developed a dedicated online sports performance nutrition platform dedicated to athletes to support our clinical services here at The Nadura Clinic.

This was always a goal for our team at The Nadura Clinic and the project initially went live in October 2020 after months of market research. The product was then soft-launched to a beta group in January 2021. This was continuously tested and our beta 1 version (app-based version) was replaced with a more customisable and robust beta 2 version (software version in the form of SENPRO) and after a name change “Athlete Nutrition Coach” was born. This platform is fully operational and officially scheduled to launch on October 1st 2021 in line with the launch of our newest clinic at Nadura (details to follow). The time investment by our team during the beta test enabled our team of nutritionist’s to ensure the launch of both quality and an unrivalled nutrition product to a global athlete market. It allowed us time to iron out the expected, initial teething problems while integrating our supporting software in the back end of the product as well as testing the nutritional interventions in real-time, in-season with elite and tested athletes from multiple countries.  

The Nadura Clinic boasts many years of experience and results at the highest level especially in the area of endurance performance. Our nutritional therapists have in excess of five thousand clients across our clinics nationwide, as well as our virtual clinic that supports our international athlete base. We collaborate with many of the leading endurance coaches, sports scientists, physiotherapists, physiologists and work directly with the world’s leading functional testing labs. We ensure that we are informed with the latest cutting edge data and work closely with many leading minds so we offer the very latest science to practice. We look forward to sharing these data/results with you in the coming weeks as our team gives you more insight into our programme.    

We can now offer this experience through our dedicated sports platform “Athlete Nutrition Coach” to athletes anywhere in the globe from the comfort of their own homes. The programme and interventions which are fully doctor approved and has been successfully tested on multiple elite and world-class athletes at the highest level from national events right up to the Tokyo 2021 Olympic games. Athlete Nutrition Coach will be launched as both a single consultation and subscription model that can be fully customisable to your individual needs.

We are delighted to welcome onboard our collaborative partners who have enabled us to construct such a robust programme.

FX Supplements Europe – Science & Evidence-based functional supplements including LACTIGO, Perfect Amino and the revolutionary athlete fuel “power meal”. 

SENPRO – Performance Software -professional software, built specifically for Sport and Exercise Nutritionists. clients access to their personal nutrition hub. Educate clients on how to fuel their health, training adaptations, recovery and performance.

Nutritics – Professional Vitamin & Mineral Profile & Dietary Analysis

Supersapiens – Latest innovation in CGM technology for athletes and sports professionals

INSCYD – Power Performance Decoder

NORDIC Labs – Functional LAB Testing

Over the next week, we will be announcing the team that will operate this platform, introduce you to some of the leading athletes that have successfully used it this season and the coaches and specialists that we will be collaborating with to help you get to your goals in 2022