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What Our Clients Say About The Nadura Clinic

Dr Finbar Mc Grady

Doctor & Elite Level Triathlete


Working with Lee Compton nutritionist at The Nadura Clinic I’ve learned how to fuel my training to maintain my energy levels throughout the day and gain metabolic flexibility. My recovery and performance are much better, and I found other improvements in overall health from their integrated approach. I eat, sleep, and recover better while I also stress less etc. My long-lasting digestive issues have been resolved thanks to a tailored made program following gut microbiome testing (GI map). I’ve also learned a lot from the athlete DNA testing and urine testing (organic assets panels). Overall a thorough and individualised approach which has taught me to manage my own nutritional needs effectively. Also, their knowledge on WADA (World Anti-Doping Approved) approved, science and evidence-based performance supplements is second to none and helped me optimize my digestion, health, and performance.


Doctor Finbar McGrady

Clinical lead practice-based learning

GPwSI Dermatology

Sessional GP

Clinical teaching fellow, QUB

Irish international triathlete & European Silver Medalist

I have been suffering from a depressive type disorder for as long as I can remember. I believe I was born this way. I have been on various types of medication for decades and while these medications seem to mask the problems I was having they did not, in my opinion, provide a solution.

I came across the NADURA clinic quite by accident. My wife was having some physio therapy done in the adjoining clinic and one of the physios told her about NADURA. My wife attended Anita at NADURA for digestive issues and during this treatment my depression was mentioned, and Anita informed my wife of her approach to this disorder. On hearing of this I was anything but convinced. I was certain that nutrition could only have a limited effect on mental health and that my problems ran so much deeper. However, my wife convinced me to book an appointment with Anita.

On first meeting Anita she put me completely at ease and explained her approach to mental health very clearly. Immediately light bulbs started to light up for me. I felt that Anita read me like the proverbial book. She informed me that a blood test would determine if chemical imbalances were the cause of my problems or contributing to them. I booked the blood test and waited expectantly for Anita’s call.

When the blood test results were back to Anita she set up another appointment for me. During this consultation Anita informed me that I had elevated copper levels and undermethylation. Anita suggested a selection of supplements to correct these disorders.
I have been on these supplements for almost four months now and the results for me have been nothing short of spectacular. The pent-up anger, anxiety, agitation, racing mind and resultant depression have almost gone. I am getting better every day. Words cannot express the relief I now feel. I now know my depression is coming to an end. I am so glad to have met Anita and for the results achieved to date.

I am also using the new NADURA app to assist me with my diet. I had gained a lot of weight due to previous medication and reached almost 17 ½ stone. I struggle with my diet but because of better mood I know I will succeed with this too. I feel the app is brilliant and have lost 7 lbs in eight days while using it.

I hope to update this testimonial in about six months when I feel I will be completely where I want to be. I totally and completely recommend Anita and her approach to mental health and feel a lot more people would benefit from her expertise. I have recommended her to many!! 


Aged: 51


Dave Revins

Physical Therapist to Munster & Ireland Rugby Teams


After friends attended Nadura’s Nutrition Clinics in preparation for Race Around Ireland, Anita & Lee were recommended to me for both personal health and sports performance Nutrition. I can honestly say my health & performance change has been immense.I have improved my overall wellness, energy, digestive symptoms and sports performance. I have decreased my body fat and reduced my total body weight from 90 Kgs to 80ks. I feel better & stronger now than I did ten years ago, I cant recommended these guy’s enough. 

I first went to Anita in August 2016 when I was 15, suffering with severe depression and anxiety. I was taken to see if I was suitable for anti-depressant but this was not something that I wanted to take. So my family and I looked for other options. We were told about Anita who runs Nadura Clinic’s by a friend and we booked an appointment, my family were very confident in her work as she is also a psychiatric nurse with many years experience.

Anita recommended that I have a specific blood panel completed and she explained to me that the way I was feeling wasn’t my fault that there may be a very prominent biochemical imbalance that may be making me feel like this and that lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

Anita created a plan for me that completely changed my life. I became more confident and outgoing. I even joined sports clubs and now take part in discussions. I used to have panic attacks over going into school and I was a mess when it came to tests and exams but now I’m going in there without any worry.

I encourage people to take this scientific and evidenced protocol as it really helps. As a 15 year old I am finally doing normal 15 year old things and I couldn’t be happier as I now feel I understand and can control what makes me, me. 


Aged: 16


Siobhan Kennedy

2018 Ironman UK Winner & Kona World Championships Competitor 2018


“I had the pleasure of working with the Nadura Clinic when I contacted Lee Compton for a Nutrition Plan. I had a well-structured training plan under the guidance of Focus on Fitness, the nutrition plan was the final piece of the jigsaw in my training program and one of which I felt would further enhance my 2018 goal to win Ironman UK and qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

The benefits of Nadura’s nutrition plan, tailored to suit my needs and coupled with Nadura’s performance supplements allowed me to train hard, recover sufficiently and maximise every training session culminating with a podium spot on the no. 1 step at Ironman UK which in turn took me to the start line of the Ironman World  Championships in Kona”

I first went to see Anita in March 2019, about my General Anxiety Disorder. After  spending years trying to find a solution to my suffering, I was desperate to find something that was going to help. I really was at my lowest point and had no idea that the Nutrient Therapy Anita was able to provide me with was going to be the catalyst in aiding my recovery. The impact that my targeted protocol has had on my life over the last 9-10 months has been revolutionary.

I was a bit sceptical at first, however Anita was really good at taking me through the process step by step. Distance was no barrier; our one to one session was conducted via skype and I travelled to Dublin from Glasgow on two occasions to get my blood work done (a return flight was less than £40 and the clinic was an easy commute by bus from the airport).

Having completed a full assessment of my history through childhood experience and trauma, I felt Anita was really able to understand me as a person. Seeing my blood results really helped me make sense of my anxiety, as the results showed how many chemical imbalances, I had which was really comforting to know that it wasn’t just “all in my head”. To see that these imbalances were actually having a significant impact on my health and wellbeing and consequently, my ability to function was a huge relief. I no longer felt alone in what I was experiencing, and for the first time in my life I had hope that I would be able to recover.

I would say my recovery is an ongoing journey, and that improvements regarding my mental health have been gradual but I was fully prepared for this as Anita had explained to me that my methylation status could take some time to balance out.

It was really around the 9-month mark, that I started to see a significant difference in my everyday functioning. I no longer worry about really trivial things, and most of the time, if I experience an unpleasant thought/ if something is seen to trigger my anxiety, I can let it go a lot quicker without the intrusive thoughts and rumination I used to experience which previously, had left me totally exhausted. My sleep has improved dramatically, and I feel my cognitive functioning is a lot clearer.

From having a complete nervous breakdown leaving school 2 years ago, having felt like a total failure, my life has completely changed. 9 months down the line, I have been able to go back to University to study full time as well as hold down a part- time job. For the first time in a very long time, I actually feel happy with my life, proud of the person that I am becoming, and incredibly grateful for my mum’s support in seeking Nutrient Balancing through a Walsh Trained Practitioner.
It’s the best investment I have ever made, and I now feel hopeful for my future. 

Anita’s work is amazing, and I can’t thank her enough.

Georgina Mackay



Emmet Fennell

Race Around Ireland Winner 2015


I first had Sports Performance Nutrition with The Nadura as an ultra distance endurance athlete, in preparation for “Race Across America”  “RAAM” cycle race. The key for me is that my protocol & testing was individual and specifically what support my body needed at that time. I felt optimum during the event and also had a full Nutrition & recovery protocol in place post event to replace stressed and depleted body stores.

This year Nadura also looked after my pre & post race programme for the International Race Around Ireland Ultra Distance, four-day event. I highly recommend Lee & Anita & Nadura’s N.A.R.T programme.

I was recommended to Anita by her colleague Lee who I was dealing with on sports nutrition due to my ailments of high stress, anxiety, addiction problems, low immune system and low energy. Anita  suggested I do the FEBS protocol blood tests, which turned up high copper and histamine levels.

She started me on a specific nutrient programme to balance out the problem. I have never really looked back from there. Stomach problems which I had for years cleared up in weeks, year and a half on with twice yearly testing and slight adjustments here and there with the nutrients, energy levels highly improved, anxiety highly improved, natural drop in weight and I was able to quit alcohol which I put down to less addiction problems now. I haven’t had even a slight cold; my immune system is rock solid.

I can’t thank Anita and Lee enough. I highly recommend for bringing mental and physical health to a new level.

Liam O’Brien


Niall Tuohy

National 800 Metre Champion | Sports Science Graduate| Final Year Medical Student


I was incredibly fortunate to come across the Nadura’s Performance Nutrition Clinic at a time when I was struggling badly with two chronic injuries and also dealing with a stressful workload as a medical student working in hospital. Although I generally eat well I’ve responded extremely well to their personalised nutrition plan and learnt more about nutrient timing/cycling and how I can make the food I eat work best for me to perform at my best consistently. 

Nadura have a full range of functional and laboratory tests and through their Athlete DNA package, I gained incredible and valuable insights into my individual gene alterations and how they affects my ability to train, recover and perform. For a sport science/medical geek like me it’s incredible to see objective scientific data showing why I feel a certain way because of a genetic make-up and it explains a lot of errors I’ve made in training before such as overtraining, sleep quality and my use of caffeine as a sports aid. Lee has helped me modify my performance nutrition, lifestyle and individualised supplement protocol to optimise performance both mentally in the hospital and physically around training. Check out Nadura’s Functional Sports Performance Nutrition programme, I highly recommend them

For the past four years I have suffered with very bad stomach pains, some brought on by foods and other times I think stress. I have been to numerous different people but to no avail. Anita was recommended to me by a friend of mine and I attended her clinic two months ago for the first time.

She went through all of my symptoms in great detail with me and from that consultation, Anita was able to identify what was  causing my problem and how to correct it. She recommended certain vitamins and minerals that I needed and I ordered everything Anita prescribed and followed the food recommendations from her. Within one week I noticed a huge improvement and now 2 months later, I have not had any stomach pains and have more energy than I have ever had.

Anita was so efficient in sending everything to me after the consultation and when I had queries regarding the supplements, she responded immediately. I could not recommend Anita highly enough, I was blown away by her knowledge of the digestive system and her attention to detail with the consultation.

Deirdre Kehoe



Mikael Fredman

Director Dublin


“I would highly recommend Lee Compton Nutritionist at Nadura Clinics, Dublin to everyone. I have been seeing Lee and his team for one year. With Lee’s help and guidance I have been able to dramatically reduce elevated stress levels from what is a challenging career at management level. I have also been able to gain 5 kg of lean muscle mass while at the same time continuously stripping my body fat percentage. Lee supplied me with a tailored food plan with advanced macro nutrient cycling and specific nutrient timing with my lifestyle and travel commitments in mind, as well as advise on specific performance supplements and a targeted workout plan.

The best possible investment that you can do for yourself, your life and your future.”

Never have I attended a clinic in Ireland who balances medicine with functional approaches so effectively, incorporating the most relevant lab analysis available to find the root cause of my complaints. Lee & Anita’s knowledge is truly remarkable.

If you’re looking for the best in Functional Performance Nutrition you’ve found them. 

Finbar Horgan

Athlete (Track & Field)