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Nadura Functional Epigenetic & Biochemical Screen (F.E.B.S) & Integrative Psychotherapy

Have you ever considered why traumatic experiences effect individuals differently? Why talk therapies are so successful for some and not for others, even if the experience is similar and the treatment type and duration were almost identical. This can often be explained by the individuals unique genetic, biochemical, hormonal, and digestive systems.

My HbA1c is presently 5.35 and in the non-diabetic range after only 9 MONTHS

Client testimonial Mr. John Potts after 9 months at The Nadura Clinic After working with The Nadura Clinic less than nine months later I no longer use insulin & I’ve reduced my metformin by 75% to 1 x 500g daily My HbA1c is presently 5.35 (non-diabetic range) & I weigh 83kgs (was 104). On advice […]