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Nadura Functional Epigenetic & Biochemical Screen (F.E.B.S) & Integrative Psychotherapy

Have you ever considered why traumatic experiences effect individuals differently? Why talk therapies are so successful for some and not for others, even if the experience is similar and the treatment type and duration were almost identical. This can often be explained by the individuals unique genetic, biochemical, hormonal, and digestive systems.

Look Great But Feel Shocking – The Nadura Clinic

Look Great Feel Shocking

Many people look amazing on the outside and struggle every day on the inside. Chronic gut issues, no period, low mood or worse still struggling with mental health in terms of anxiety and depression because they are chronically over trained and under fuelled

The Winner Of Our €4000 at The Nadura Clinic prize “Rhiannon Dunlop” UK

Welcome to both The Nadura & Roche Injury clinic’s, our winner “Rhiannon Dunlop” who won our fantastic prize worth €4000. The prize consisted of 12 months Sports performance nutrition from our leading clinic Physiotherapy from the award-winning Roche Injury Clinic Functional & Injury Prevention Screen Elite recovery Functional testing including athlete DNA functional diagnostics analysis […]

The Athletes Digestive Solution at The Nadura Clinic

The Athletes Digestive Solution at The Nadura Clinic, With over 80% of our presenting clients to The Nadura Clinic’s, presenting with GI symptoms. We more than anyone know the benefits of correcting digestive dysfunction in the athletes.