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Strengthening the intestinal barrier function to reduce symptoms of migraine and leaky gut-The Nadura Clinic

The intestinal epithelial wall is the largest contact area between the out- side world and the human internal milieu. The epithelial cells function as a barrier by preventing pathogens, toxins and other antigens to enter, while allowing the absorption of nutrients and water. These anti- gens are presented to the immune system by the epithelial cells to develop and maintain a properly functioning immune system. The intestinal barrier plays an important role in the development of auto- immune and inflammatory diseases.

The barrier function of the intestine can be influenced by different factors, such as antibiotics, infections, stress and drugs1 (figure 1). These factors can lead to an increased permeability of the gut wall and a disturbed intestinal barrier function, also called a ‘leaky gut’.

NDS® Probiotic Barrier has been developed
This in collaboration with Wageningen University and Hospital Gelderse Vallei in Ede, the Netherlands. It is a multispecies probiotic product specifically developed to strengthen and improve the intestinal barrier function. The bacterial strains of NDS® Probiotic Barrier have been selected for their capacity to

Strengthen the intestinal barrier

Positively influence the immune system

Figure 1: Disturbed intestinal barrier function.

Disturbed Intestinal Barrier Function

Blood brain barrier breach Inflammation Autoimmunity Malabsorption & nutrient deficiency increased permeability of the intestinal barrier has been associated with the development of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Moreover, an increased permeability leads to increased levels of endotoxins in the blood, which are linked to systemic inflammatory dis- eases, such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, atherosclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, migraine and rheumatoid arthritis2. Previous research has shown that probiotics can restore the intestinal barrier function. Therefore, we have developed NDS® Probiotic Barrier, a multispecies probiotic designed to strengthen the intestinal barrier function.

Clinical Evidence

NDS® Probiotic Barrier has been tested in a pilot study with migraine patients in collaboration with Wageningen University and Hospital Gelderse Vallei in Ede, the Netherlands3. Migraine is an inflammatory disorder in which an increased intestinal permeability seems to play a role. Twenty-seven migraine patients received a daily dose of NDS® Probiotic Barrier (5 x 109 cfu/day) for 12 weeks. Patients kept a headache diary and filled in two validated headache questionnaires at the start and the end of the intervention period. The trial showed that supplementation with NDS® Probiotic Barrier significantly decreased migraine frequency with 23% after 5 weeks (figure 3). at the end of the treatment period the self reported intensity of migraine significantly decreased with 13% (figure 4). These results show that supplementation with NDS® Probiotic Barrier can alleviate migraine by strengthening the intestinal barrier function.


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Week 5-8 Week 9-12

3 van Hemert S. Design of a multispecies probiotic product improving the intestinal barrier. J food Process Technol. 2012; 3:10 (abstract)

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Safety profile

In Europe, probiotic strains are considered safe if they have the Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS)-status4. all probiotic strains in NDS® Probiotic BarrIEr have the QPS status.

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