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Sports Performance Nutrition

Welcome to one of our flagship programmes at The Nadura Clinic. Why are over 90% of clinic visits to this programme referred by previous clients & elite level coaches? Results, Results, Results. The Nadura Clinic is leading the way in terms of science and evidenced based performance nutrition principles, functional laboratory testing, bloods and professional collaboration for our athletes. 

We are proud and privileged to work with many elite athletes in Ireland, across Europe & the USA in many different sporting demographics. Over years of dealing with over five thousand clients we have established a professional collaboration with many industry leading coaches, physiotherapists and medical doctors who trust in us and our clinic principles to refer their athletes to our service year on year.

The Nadura Clinic provides a national service across our physical clinics in Ireland and an international service via our virtual platform and Nadura App. We support and work with the beginner to improving athletes right up to olympian and world level professional athletes. We pride ourselves in our ability to facilitate a vast range of different level athletes and meet them exactly where they are at.

Depending on your presenting condition and goals our individual service may include some of the following science and evidenced based principles.

We are also a leading clinic in the offering of functional laboratory analysis for athletes. We both test and comprehensively report on a full range of functional laboratory testing from;

For more information or more technical details on any of our testing please visit the functional testing tab .