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Skin Management

When it comes to skin we are passionate about getting to the root cause of skin disease and eruption to ensure that we are not just suppressing topical symptoms that recur.

We look skin deep, from the inside out as we understand that the gut is a mirror image of the skin. When we test the gut we understand the microbial imbalance and digestive dysbiosis, we treat the different infections, yeast, fungi and parasites that are known triggers to the different skin complaints.

Skin symptoms include:

Outside In & Inside Out Protocol

At The Nadura Clinic we are passionate at exploring the root cause of the condition, not just suppressing symptoms.

We’d like to tell you a little bit about the gut skin connection and how we can use a stool test like the GI map to give us insight into how gut health may be impacting the health of the skin. We know that the skin reflects the gut, so we want to evaluate the health of the gut whenever there is a skin condition. The gut microbiome appears to play a key role in the development of many inflammatory skin disorders and the presence and overgrowth of certain organisms in the gut have also been implicated in autoimmune skin diseases. Stool testing can be used to identify dysfunction in the gut that may be contributing to skin conditions, the GI map test is the gold standard method of testing the gut, available from The Nadura Clinic in collaboration with Nordic Laboratories.

We run GI Map tests that use qPCR technology to measure pathogens, commensals, opportunistic bacteria, protozoa fungi, viruses and worms. It also evaluates digestive function immune responses and intestinal barrier integrity. There are numerous gut issues associated with skin conditions that include gut pathogens, insufficient beneficial flora, overgrowth of opportunistic organisms such as bacteria and yeast, poor digestion, inflammation, leaky gut, and gluten sensitivity.

If you have an acute or chronic skin issue then contact our clinic manager Lisa at The Nadura Clinic via email for further information.

What does a GI map test for: