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Rosglas Recovery Centre

The Nadura Clinic are proud to be part of the international five star Rosglas Recovery for private, luxury and tailored addiction & mental health treatment services for international clients here in Ireland. 

The team at The Nadura Clinic are very proud that the work of the Nadura F.E.B.S programme (Functional Epigenetic & Biochemical Screen) has been recognised at this level and integrated into one of the most exclusive locations on the globe for bespoke five star treatment of mental health issues.

This programme from the world renowned Dr. William Walsh in the USA has been driven in Ireland and Europe by The Nadura Clinic through our own clinical director Anita Walsh for the past 7 years. This unique Protocol is carried out by our Nutritionists, Registered Mental Health Nurse & Biochemical & Advanced Nutrient Therapy Specialist in conjunction with our medical collaborators  including Integrative Psychiatrist, General Practitioners, Trauma Therapists, Dentist, Counsellors, CBT Therapists & Psychotherapists.
Rósglas Recovery is a boutique luxury addiction treatment centre for addiction and psychological issues, located in beautiful and luxurious settings in the Irish countryside. Treating only one client at a time, Rosglas provides undivided care and attention while ensuring absolute discretion & privacy. Exclusive treatment plans start from €95,000 right up to the full VIP package (Please see link below)

The Approach

At Rosglas, only one client is treated at a time. We identify the underlying psychological,
biochemical, nutritional, gastrointestinal influence and social causes and treat them successfully. This method provides the best opportunity of long term recovery.

Individual treatment

Each client is treated by a team of over 10 specialists with a 24/7 live in therapist available
throughout your stay. This helps us tailor your treatment program to address your specific needs.

Private & Exclusive

Rosglas ensure 100% comfort, confidentiality and privacy in your temporary Irish home. You will stay in a luxury residence equipped with personal chef, maid and driver at your service.

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