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Look Great But Feel Shocking – The Nadura Clinic

Many people look amazing on the outside and struggle every day on the inside. Chronic gut issues, no period, low mood or worse still struggling with mental health in terms of anxiety and depression because they are chronically over trained and under fuelled

This is super, super common across our clinics at Nadura and across all demographics young and old. We see females who have not had a period for months and months and males with chronically low testosterone and erectile dysfunction with massive anger issues some under thirty years of age. Many of whom are really outwardly successful. That is until you look at them up close and you see a massive speed up of the ageing process especially in under fuelled females (listening to bro science)

The more we push our under fuelled system the more oxidation we promote and in simple terms oxidation is damaging if it’s not balanced on the other side. So when we see athletes mainly females who have aged and have quite a lot of wrinkles and simply look tired and aged we have to rewind the clock and look at the preceding factors.

This is generally where the cascade begins. Being female most will notice aesthetic changes before they notice the other warning signs that their body is showing for months on end. Typically after the aesthetic and ageing appearance the digestive symptoms begin. These typically start with bloating, feeling extra gassy and can have some cramping with intermittent constipation and diarrhoea. Again all signs your body is under pressure and the normal or homeostasis is simply not balanced.

What most don’t realise is that our mood is very much determined on our food and macro intake, our digestive ability, our bodies stress response and also inflammation. So just what happens in these scenarios? Appearance begins to deteriorate, digestive symptoms become more obvious and now mood appears flat with little or no interest in previous activities. This once prominent for months now takes on the guise of ‘depression’ but again let’s backtrack to where symptoms began and what triggered these physical and psychological changes? Plain and simple when we start to under-fuel our body and place more demands on top, we no longer have homeostasis or balance and slowly begin a slow and steady deterioration instead of fuelling right for your body.

We also need specific nutrients in order to run our digestive tract that is absolutely vital for digesting what we eat and absorbing it. If we are underfueling our body and simply under nourishing it, in simple terms we are promoting sympathetic nervous activation which basically means we are in a stress state continuously. This will push our metabolism into burning glucose/carbs whilst leaving fats in storage and actually continuously signals our body to store fat. Again the exact opposite to what people set out to achieve!

This is not health and this is not sustainable. Health is from the inside out. Cutting carbs and doing massive fasted rides will not get you to a position of consistent success. In fact we can guarantee the opposite. 

If you are going to invest time and finance in exercise, invest in a nutrition plan and fuelling strategy that individualises your weaknesses and accommodates your life goals. The plan should look at the overall “human performance” and not just “sports performance”.

At The Nadura Clinic we want you to be as good a husband, wife, mother, father as you are as an athlete and also need you to be optimum in work and in social environments.

Talk to us today at The Nadura Clinic and one of our qualified nutritionists can discuss our specific and tailored programmes that not only cover food but give you the option of bloods, labs, functional testing and professional analysis of existing incoming diet to assess deficiencies. We are a results based clinic passionate about what we do and we welcome a call to discuss our clinic to see if it’s the right fit for you and your health goals this year.

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Lisa Tobin-Leech