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FEBS “Phased Assessment” For Mental Health

FEBS  (Functional Epigenetic Biochemical Screen ) “phased assessment”

Is genetic testing important for my mental health? This is a common question in our FEBS clinic. The short answer is yes but the timing and reason is key!!!

If we are looking at preventative measures and optimising our mental health, then yes genetic testing can be a fantastic tool to look at our predispositions and tells us which genetic SNP’s or glitches that are present in our own genes, the emphasis here is ‘predisposition’, just because we possess a certain gene does not mean we are doomed to feel it’s possible ill effects. 

Instead at The Nadura Clinic as part of our FEBS protocol genetics are a tool that we utilise when we deem them time appropriate for our clients. Just because a test is available it doesn’t mean it’s the right time or test for every client.  Part of our programme involves an individual  ‘FEBS phased assessment’ approach to decipher which test is appropriate. A perfect example of genes vs epigenetics although simplified is the following:

A client begins our FEBS phased assessment and requests to have their genes tested as they have read some google pages regarding their symptoms and they feel they match quite a few! Going ahead and testing genes alone, yes can tell us a number of genes may possibly be effecting their mental health and methylation, some genes specifically would be MTHFR for example. However, without testing biochemistry, we have no idea of the net output of an individual’s methylation cycle. Genes are a functional piece of the jigsaw but let’s not forget biochemistry, micronutrient status, gut health, inflammation, liver metabolism etc.

Our mental health is simply not our genes but a sum of the above, so don’t skip on the process.  

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