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F.E.B.S – Functional Epigenetic & Biochemical Screen

At The Nadura Clinic, together with our professional and medical collaborators we have created the F.E.B.S Protocol which is a “multifaceted” approach specialising in the area of Individualized and Targeted Nutrient Therapy Approach to Biochemical Disorders such as anxiety & depression, this program is based on the Walsh Research Bloods Profile has been continuously evolving and progressing for almost a decade. 

Do you experience?

At The Nadura Clinic our practitioners are highly qualified and focus on much more than just your nutritional needs, with our overall aim being to educate each client on their unique biochemical individuality and subsequent requirements! As we say to all of our clients, certain nutrients may significantly improve pathways in their body, however those nutrients can have a potentially negative effect on another’s.

Our F.E.B.S protocol was created through years of clinical experience that evidenced while quality and quantity of nutrients form the basis of our neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), there are much more factors that affect not only our production of these vital chemicals, but also how these are expressed through our genes contained within our DNA.

The advances in science over the past number of decades has been astonishing and we now know that not only do our diets and lifestyle habits change how our genes express – a study known as epigenetics, but also whether in fact deficiencies, and in some cases nutrient overloads can also have a profound impact on our mental health status. 

The most underappreciated fact is that our brain chemicals including serotonin and dopamine for example are produced from protein in our daily diet, but also require certain vitamins and minerals known as cofactors for adequate production. At The Nadura Clinic, we have also seen in combination with our advanced nutrient therapy, the immense importance and benefit to ensuring the health of our gastrointestinal tract as research continues to mount in the area of our gut to brain axis being implicated in mood disorders.

In order to ensure this axis is optimum we use specific analysis to test for states of bacterial imbalance and also work to reduce overall inflammation in the body, through optimal food additions and removal, again having a strong link to mood disorders. Naduras FEBS Protocol combines specialised laboratory analysis, genetic testing, epigenetics, antioxidant therapies, Biochemical & Advanced Targeted Nutrient Therapy, Functional Nutrition combined with two decades experience in the mental health field to analyse the body’s production, metabolism and regulation of our neurotransmitters.

This unique Protocol is carried out by our Nutritionists, Registered Mental Health Nurse & Biochemical & Advanced Nutrient Therapy Specialist. At The Nadura Clinic we understand there may be many professionals needed to address the many prongs of mental illness and this is why we have such a large collaboration and referral system between many health care professionals including our Nutritionists, Registered Mental Health Nurse & Biochemical & Advanced Nutrient Therapy Specialist, Integrative Psychiatrist, General Practitioners, Phlebotomists, Dentist, counsellors, CBT Therapists & Psychotherapists and our laboratories utilised for extensive testing: Eurofins labs, Biolab, Diagnostic Solutions Lab, Nordic Labs, Genova Lab, Great Plains Laboratory, Doctors Data, Trace Minerals Lab.