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DNA Methylation


DNA Health & Methylation

Introducing Methylation Testing At The Nadura Clinic

The ultimate solution for unlocking your genetic potential. As one of leaders in the field of methylation for over a decade, we along we our collaborators are proud to offer you the expertise and precision you need to optimise your health and inform you lifestyle decisions with DNA Health & Methylation from the internationally renowned Nadura Clinic in partnership with Nordic Laboratories.


Our Methylation Testing provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your genetic methylation patterns, allowing you to understand the potential of your specific genes. Knowledge is power, remember genetics load the gun but environment pulls the trigger. With this invaluable information, you can optimise your health, well-being, and performance like never before.

Why choose us?

This methylation test made famous by Gary Brecka looks at key genes such as




Other Biological Areas Include


Detoxification | Inflammation | Oxidative Stress | Bone-Health |Methylation| B Vitamins |

Insulin sensitivity | Alzheimer’s Risk | Iron Overload | PUFA | Blood Pressure Risk ACE & AGT | Alcohol and caffeine metabolism | Lactose | Gluten | Vitamins & Lipid Metabolism |


What’s most important is the standard of the lab and there testing of clinically relevant genes that we understand in the literature and that can make an impact on you optimisation and longevity.