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DIM, detox, pathways, family history, supplements and testing!!! Confused by oestrogen and the associated risks?

Speak to our specialists and test dont guess – The Nadura Clinic

We are often asked!! Does DIM detox oestrogen. The short answer is yes the long answer is KNOW YOUR OESTROGEN LEVEL & detox capabilities before you mess with supplementation! DIM is a compound found mainly in the brassica family , mainly broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts & kale. It has strong effects on oestrogen levels within the body, it has both an agonist & antagonist effect, therefore if levels are high it can reduce and if levels are low it can increase. Its quite a product but when taken without advise and/or testing it can have negative effects on the female menstrual cycle.

For the majority (but not all female hormone issues) oestrogen dominance and its preferential routes are the main drivers of most hormonal symptoms including:
1. PMT
2. Menstrual migraines
3. Fluid retention
4. Irregular cycles
5. Mood swings
6. Heavy Bleeding
7. Weight gain (particularly hips & thighs)
8. Fatigue
9. Depression
10. Fibroids
11. Fibrocystic breast tissue
12. Acne (chin area)

The Pathways

Within the body we have three main oestrogen metabolites and these are
metabolised down three main pathways:
1. 2 OH pathway
2. OH pathway
3. 16 OH pathway

Our 2OH pathway is the most protective route that our body can use to
metabolise oestrogen, and when our main ratio of oestrogen is metabolised in this way it reduces any potential symptoms mentioned above and also has some anti cancer & anti proliferative affects.
DIM works predominately by shunting oestrogen down our 2 OH pathway and also by reducing our aromatase enzyme (converting our testosterone into oestrogen). For the majority of people consuming DIM in the form of
functional foods mentioned above works quite well if oestrogen levels are not hugely out of range, however for reasons including diet, stress, genetics & toxins/plastics etc some may benefit from DIM supplementation.

A very important aspect with DIM is that without knowing what your levels of oestrogen and overall female hormones are you run the risk of further
affecting ratios and also pushing too much oestrogen down one pathway
leaving very little else. IF oestrogen levels are already low we can also run into problems as it can deplete oestrogen reserves and can halt menstrual cycles In their tracks.


This is why we champion the DUTCH test in our clinics, whether you are
curious as to which pathway your body is using and wanting to take a more
preventative approach towards female health and potential family history
risks, middle aged female with any of the symptoms above or peri or post
menopausal to investigate your levels and identify areas of support, the
DUTCH test is your most comprehensive functional test.
Test don’t guess and know who YOU are and not some google article that’s
touting DIM supplementation.

Talk to us at The Nadura Clinic if you would like more information on DUTCH test

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