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Functional Test Combinations

Functional Test Combinations

Did you know that The Nadura Clinic in collaboration with Nordic Laboratories offer a wide range of functional tests both independently or as a combination test. Nordic Laboratories is the European distributor for the most comprehensively developed laboratory evaluations. The test kits are delivered and collected via courier and are carried out from the comfort of your own home and combination testing can offer great savings.

Most popular tests 

  • DUTCH – Hormone 
  • GI MAP – Stool analysis 
  • Organix – Organic Acids
  • SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth
  • DNA – DNA Analysis 

Popular combinations 

  • GI Map  + DUTCH Male 
  • GI Map + DUTCH Female 
  • GI Map + Organix 
  • Organix + DUTCH 
  • SIBO + GI Map
  • SIBO + Organix

If you are confused about what test best suits your needs, or you would like further information, please contact our clinic manager Lisa Tobin Leech on 087 3492991 or via email at