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Autoimmune Disease

At The Nadura Clinic we work with our clients to successfully reduce symptoms or reverse autoimmune disease by looking at the cause and not just treating topical symptoms. We focus on and listen to you as an individual and assess your presenting symptoms as they are the early warning systems of our bodies telling us something is not right or we are sub optimum. 

When we delve into your time line the answer is always in the case history and if not it’s in your lab results so you do not have to live with and just treat symptoms or be subject to a life of medications. Even for many of the complex cases we see across our clinics we have seen so many results in combining the two following key principles

  • Taking the care and time to listen and compile information from the clients time line and making sure they feel supported and comfortable to relay as much information as possible. 
  • The Nadura Clinic’s ability to liaise with medical professionals and offer the gold standard of functional testing and laboratory analysis

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For the many presenting autoimmune conditions we see in clinic many of the same causative factors are involved in the onset of autoimmune pathology

So you’re unsure of your diagnosis but you know something is just not right systemically or you have a diagnosis and feel that you can do much more to improve