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30 Day Fully Supported Clean Eating & Re-Set Plan From The Nadura Clinic In Association With Rebecca Hayden Fitness

Welcome to the Nadura Clinic’s 30 day fully supported detox and re-set plan in association with Rebecca Hayden Fitness. 2018 is now sold out and we are taking bookings for your 2019 Detox and Re-Set 

After multiple successful editions of our 30 day clean eating and re-set programme, we are now taking bookings for 2019.

But first what has been the feed back from our other groups? And why have these ladies not only lost weight but almost excuslively lost body fat and visceral fat while maintaining muscle and increasing energy levels. What’s more even after the programme they still continue to maintain improvements!!!!

What They Said About This Fully Supported Plan 

“I’m absolutely loving it, its the best thing I’ve ever decided to do”

“Day 30, I’ve lost a total of 13lbs, delighted and I’m sticking with the healthy plan. Thank you”.

“Getting on great, feeling better, not craving any sweets and have loads of energy, and its easy to follow”.

“I’ve lost over a stone, can’t believe how much I can eat, I wasn’t feeding my body properly at all, feeling great loads of energy”.

“Lost albs over 28 days but my favourite part is the shape coming back, especially on my sides and I don’t’ feel bloated anymore, I finally found something that works without having to change everything. Thank you”.

“Just starting, two weeks in and 8 lbs down and 10″ gone already but I can’t believe how easy it is to follow, very simple everyday whole foods, no extra shopping, simple food choices and fits in with my busy schedule. Looking forward to the next few weeks”.

So why is this plan so different? Ask These Ladies

Helen Barrett

  1. Plan opened my eyes to what foods are wrong and right for me.
  2. Had lots of energy
  3. Logging my food at every meal was great and helped me stick with plan as i knew somebody was checking on me.
  4. Lost 12lbs and wasnt craving my crisps and other bad foods.
  5. Had a celebration roast dinner with all the trimmings after the plan and omg, i didnt really enjoy it as much as i thought and I was so tired all day after it. Put me in a food coma and felt bad all day.
  6. Sticking with it 85% of time now and no weight gain in past 4 weeks.
  7. Best plan Iv ever tried .

Roisin Horan

I had been struggling to maintain a consistent weight and a healthy lifestyle for a number of years and this was ultimately why I decided to undertake the Nadura 28-day healthy eating plan. This diet was a permanent fix and a month on I am still following the programme (with the exception of a few cheat days!). The plan and its benefits exceeded all my expectations. I’ve never felt as good, I effortlessly lost more weight than I anticipated and have more energy than I ever did. I put this down to the delicious, easy to follow recipes on the plan as well as the support, guidance and encouragement from Rebecca that gave me a kick-start in the right direction.

Our Inovative 30 Day “Clean Eating” Reset Plan

Our Exciting Collaboration Between our Qualified Nutritionists & Diet & Metabolisim Specialists


The Nadura Clinic

In association with

Female Specialist Personal Trainier & Fitness Coach Rebecca Hayden Fitness

In our

30 Day supported “Clean Eating” & “Reset” Exercise & Nutritional Plan

Rebalance your hormomnes, decrease fatigue, improve your mood while improving body composition all on the journey to your new goal

Feel & look better than you did 10 years ago

Our exciting collaboutation between “The Nadura Clinic” & Specialist Female Personal Trainer Rebecca Hayden Fitness began over a year ago and together we have many fantastic examples of how people have avoided FAD diets and changed their lifes and help them to look and feel amazing

Our Virtual Clinic via The Nadura App connects our Nutritionist’s with our clients. This subscription-based service allows you to have our team of qualified nutritionist & mNTOI (Nutritional Therapist Of Ireland) in your pocket with the best nutrition and functional medicine advice in real time.

Nadura’s virtual platform provides our Nutritionists with real-time tracking and monitoring, plan management for individuals and groups, automated supplement, hydration and recovery reminders to improve engagement and compliance for our clients, and instant communications to improve support between visits or virtually via our in app video conference option for international clients.

Rebecca Hayden is a fitness coach and trainer who runs her own successful practice which specialises in working with women from their 20s to their 50s and beyond. Rebecca is in her 40s and is a mother of 4 children and uses her own personal experiences of her health and fitness journey to encourage and coach ladies to achieve their goals.

Rebecca’s qualifications are in personal training and through working with women has developed a great understanding of what works for women and the triggers that make them give up on it all, time and time again. She has worked very closely with ‘The Nadura Clinicc’ for the past year on the nutritional front and has had great results with mutual clients. Her philosophy expands far beyond the visual benefits and she is a firm believer that exercise and fuelling correctly offers unbelievable benefits to the mind and body.

The Programme!!! How will the “App” help?

Changing our lifestyle and behaviours can be difficult, we are creatures of habit after all. Also, with the convenience of fast, ….we can wonder if it’s possible to leave old habits and cravings behind. The answer is yes! But for some it takes support and a good plan. The “Nadura App” provides you with tools to create positive change and a healthier lifestyle by offering the following:

Text and video support from qualified Nutritionists & Personal trainers for ongoing education and support.

Customised meal plans, recipes and shopping lists. No more guessing and wondering “what will I do for dinner!!”

Tracking tools to identify positives, or areas that may be holding you back from your goals.

Real-time monitoring of data & analysis of progress, you wont be left behind.

Lifestyle tracking and coaching through sleep, relaxation/ meditation, exercise, supplementation and more!

Integration of Fitbit and Apple Health for extra tracking of data

Nadura 365 Nutrition provides tools that can support recovery from a number of issues such as IBS and other digestive problems, high blood pressure, poor blood sugar regulation, high cholesterol, weight management concerns, pain and inflammation, poor mood, fatigue along with support for auto-immune conditions.

Our plans are also tailored for people who just want to eat, feel and perform at higher level, whether it be in work, sports or just having enough energy for family and friends.

There are so many reasons why your can join this plan with your qualified nutritionist and personal traininer

Are you looking to find a balance with food and exercise

Improve your health and fitness

Are you looking to get yourself back on track?

Are you post baby and need to tone up after pregnancy?

Are you a working mum?

Are you struggling with the changes your body has gone through?

Has your self confident taken a dip?

Are you sick of trying every diet advertised and broke buying the ingredients to follow same?

Do you need support for your journey?

Are you a working mum, is your time limited?

Are you a busy professional?

Are you on life’s rollercoaster and looking for everything to slow down?

Are you stressed?

Is your mind constantly racing?

Are you looking for balance?

Do you want to rebuild and fuel your body to feel confident and energetic?

Are you looking to get your spark back?

Is your goal to feel good and fit comfortably into your clothes?

Are you ready to feel the best you have ever felt?

It’s it time to make some changes?

For just €69 this is the best investment you will make for your health, mood, energy and how you look and feel

Email or call 083 4489448 or Rebecca 0877427035

Trisha Power

On day 24 of the Nadura healthy eating plan. In the last 24 days, I have lost 11 pounds but much more importantly have experienced a phenomenal increase in energy levels, much improved mood and an overall feeling of good health. The plan is easy follow, where the focus is on eating good, natural wholesome foods in the right combinations. There is no measuring or counting calories, it is just about giving your body the right ingredients to ensure good health and, clear mind to perform to the best of your abilities. Would highly recommend