A Clinical, Functional & Evidence Based Approach to Nutrition & Human Performance 

      Nadura clinics offer a functional approach to nutrition and optimum health, utilising science and evidence based programmes that are specifically created for each individual. We combine our expertise in clinic with specific blood and functional laboratory analysis to enable our client’s reach optimum health, wellness & high performance. Our services include Clinical Nutrition, Functional lab and specific blood analysis, Advanced Nutrient Therapy, Functional Sports Performance Nutrition and more.



    • Specialist Programmes Delivered By Qualified & Registered Nutritionists & mNTOI

    • Functional Sports Performance Nutrition

      Nadura clinics specialise in individualised Sports Performance Nutrition that focus on the biochemical individuality of our athletes allowing our expert Nutritionists tailor performance plans that maximise results when it matters. We work with some of the best performance coaches in the globe and also have a full suite of functional tests available for athletes. 

    • Functional Epigenetic & Biochemical Screen (F.E.B.S)

      This programme specialises in biochemical mood and methylation imbalances which may include symptoms of excessive anxiety, mood fluctuations, anger control issues, excessive worry and poor coping skills. It is carried out by our Nutritionists, Registered Psychiatric Nurse & Biochemical & Advanced Nutrient Therapy Specialist in conjunction with our medical collaborators via specific lab bloods analysis and genetic testing.

    • Autoimmune Clinic

      At The Nadura Clinic our "Autoimmune Clinic" programme identifies the causative factors at the root cause of most autoimmune conditions Cellular Fatigue, Inflammation, Infection & Systemic Stress leading to many debilitating autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel Disease, skin eruptions like angiodema & urticaria, psoriasis & dermatitis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. 

    • Digestive Optimisation

      Your individualised plan to reclaim your digestive health in 28 days. At the clinic we offer a full digestive wellness programme and functional testing including food intolerance testing, GI MAP, SIBO Testing & Organic Acids Testing as well as corrective individualised nutrition plans.



    • Services Available AT The Nadura Clinic For 2020

    • Our Nutritionists will create individualised programmes for our clients based on their lifestyle, biochemical & genetic needs in a results based approach. We specialise in digestive dysfunction, autoimmune illness, stress & fatigue, weight loss and many other health concerns.

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    • We offer a full range of laboratory analysis through Biomnis, Biolab & Great Plains laboratories. We have our own specific Nadura panels that aid our clinicians accurately assess you individual biochemistry and the root cause of associated symptoms.We collaborate with many of the top labs across the globe and can offer MTHFR, Genetic, Methylation analysis, dutch test, GI Map and SIBO testing. 

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    • Nadura's clinics are one of only two "Advanced" and "registered" clinics in Ireland with the Walsh Research Institute from USA specialising in Biochemical Imbalance & Advanced Nutrient Therapy.  

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    • Can't come to clinic? We can help. Download our Nadura App and complete your appointment via Nadura's virtual clinic and gain access to the App which includes your complete online nutrition programme, detailed meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, lifestyles tracking abilities along with support from your Nutritionist, always in the palm of your hand. Keto, Vegan, vegetarian, sports, Low Fodmaps, SIBO and many more plans available online. 

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    • Why Choose The Nadura Clinic As Your Wellness Partner

      • The Nadura Clinic is one of the Irelands leading nutrition and functional testing clinics
      • We adopt a functional medicine approach to wellness and liaise with many of the leading labs across the globe 
      • Due to our volume of functional testing, we guarantee the most competitive pricing on functional tests and laboratory analysis 
      • Our professional services include nutrition, laboratory analysis, specific blood analysis
      • Each client is guaranteed an individualised service  
      • Across our clinics over 90% of our visits are referred by previous clients, because we get results  
    • Nadura's qualified and experienced team of nutritionists specialise in a functional approach to identify the root cause

    • "I had the pleasure of working with the Nadura Clinic when I contacted Lee Compton for a Nutrition Plan. I had a well-structured training plan under the guidance of Focus on Fitness, the nutrition plan was the final piece of the jigsaw in my training program and one of which I felt would further enhance my 2018 goal to win Ironman UK and qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona. The benefits of Nadura’s nutrition plan, tailored to suit my needs and coupled with Nadura’s performance supplements allowed me to train hard, recover sufficiently and maximise every training session culminating with a podium spot on the no. 1 step at Ironman UK which in turn took me to the start line of the Ironman World Championships in Kona”.

      Siobhan Kennedy Ironman UK Bolton Winner 2018 KONA Competitor 2018

    • Dealing with a stressful workload as a medical student in hospital. l I’ve responded extremely well personalised nutrition plan fro Lee at The Nadura Clinic. I've learnt more about nutrient timing and carb cycling as well gaining incredible insights into my individual gene alterations and how they affects my ability to train, recover and perform. For a sport science/medical geek like me it’s incredible to see objective scientific data showing why I feel a certain way because of a genetic make-up and it explains a lot of errors I’ve made in training . Check out Nadura’s Functional Sports Performance Nutrition programme, I highly recommend them

      Niall Tuohy -Medical Student, Sports Science Graduate National 800 Metre Champion

    • As a Coach, I like to get the most out of my athletes and I continuously look at the finer detail to achieve marginal gains in coaching. Nutrition is an important part of all training plans. I started to work with Lee Compton and The Nadura clinic in 2018 setting some clear, concise nutritional plans that work! I look forward to working with Nadura in the future and setting higher standards.

      Martin Kirwan - Focus On Fitness

    • “I think the change in diet is having really positive effects. Weight loss from fat, lots of energy with less hunger. I came third overall in the standard distance at Lough Cutra last week, winning age group and fastest bike split”

      Dr Finbar Mc Grady

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